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Work directly into ploughed or unprepared ground in one pass

The Rotorstone is designed for the vegetable grower.

This one pass machine works directly into ploughed or unprepared ground, creating a finely cultivated seed bed up to 30cm deep.  It buries stone and clod up to 10cm deep.  This offers major savings in time, machinery, fuel and labour costs.

The Rotorstone can be fitted with forming hoods, cage rollers or hydraulic row rollers.

The Rotorstone can be used for preparing soil for use in both the Turf and Golf industries.

It is also suitable for use on building sites to bury bricks and rubble and enable a lawn to be laid.

Machine Options
Specialist machines made to order available in different widths which can be fitted with a selection of the following attachments
• 1.4m to 8m wide
• Hydraulic folding (on wider machines)
• Bed formers
• Cage rollers
• Hydraulic row rollers
• Lateral discs
• Disc markers
• Depth wheels

All machines are made to order, please allow up to 90 days for delivery.