Triple Tillerstar is a hit with James Foskett Farms


James Foskett Farms is a well established family farming business based near Woodbridge in East Suffolk.  They have been growing crops in the Deben valley for over 50 years.

In early 2014 they invested in a George Moate Triple Bed Tillerstar, complete with hoods and rollers, and have been delighted with the results.

They have used the machine for 155 hectares of onions (drilled, sets and organics) and 52 hectares of ware and seed potatoes.  During the 2014 season, they ran the machine on day and night shifts to maximise output.

The tractor used was a John Deere 8360RT (360HP, rubber tracked, vario).

The soil types varied from light sand to heavier loam with high stone content.

Forward speeds varied from field to field but, on average, they achieved 30 acres per day.

During the 2014 season, they were amazed at the durability of the rubber stars and, after  500 acres, they only replaced 12 out of 360!

Mike Shapland, Farm Manager, has said “The Tillerstar has improved our onion packout by 5% and reduced our waste off the field by 70%”!